Tips, Tricks, and other info

Vertical Sync FPS Cap

If you are on a Mac and running Porting Kit, Crossover, or a custom wine install you may notice that the Mouse pointer will appear to be less smooth.  Often this is caused by a registry component enabling vertical sync which with some games, Total Annihilation including, cap the frame rate at 30fps.  To disable this you can either edit the registry key:  HKCU\Software\Wine\Mac Driver\AllowVerticalSync or you can import the following registry file.

Out of Memory Issue

In rare cases Total Annihilation will  hang during the progress bars, sometimes briefly, other times it will crash or freeze after the progress bars when the game screen is about to appear.  This, depending on your setup, may throw an error saying it is out of memory.  If that is the case you may need to enable Large Address Aware.  To do this you will need Windows, or a VM of Windows, to run a program that will modify the TotalA.exe to enable this setting.  You can find that program here:  

4GB Patch

Once you have patched the exe you should notice an improvement in stability.  If it worked, you will also notice in the multiplayer lobby sometimes your memory shows 1 in a red box.  This red 1 has no effect on the game.  

*TA Escalation 9.4 and newer automatically have the 4GB patch added.

Megamap for Mac and Linux fix

Here is the e/mdraw.dll needed for Megamap to work in Mac or  Linux.  Rename as appropriate for the mod.  This file is used in the mod installers for Mac.  Courtesy of Thaldren.

Extra Maps and other goodies

TA Universe ( has loads of information and downloads.  You can find many other mods as well as many 3rd party maps.  In order to use those maps you need the TA Features pack which includes many more tile sets used by 3rd party maps.  Below are some links.

TA Features -

TA 3rd Party Maps -

The V_maps.ufo has a ton of maps used by many players.  At approximately 2GB it is pretty large.

UFO files and CCX files go in your Total Annihilation directory.

Total Annihilation Hot Keys Document -

TA Escalation Unit Guide -