Mac Installation

This guide is for installing on Mac.  Installing Escalation is relatively easy once Total Annihilation (TA) is installed but it does take a bit of effort to get TA installed the first time.

  • Click on Total Annihilation then click Install and follow the instructions for installing.  You will need your installer for Total Annihilation ready.  I prefer the Good Old Games (GOG) installer as it is DRM free.
  • As you near the end of the install of TA it will ask if you would like to Launch the game.  Don't launch the game as there are a few more things Porting Kit installs after TA has been completed.
  • Once Porting Kit says it has been successfully installed you can install TA Escalation.
  • Download TA Escalation from my website.
  • Unzip and double click the MSI.  Now that you have Porting Kit installed it should ask you where to install.  It should look like the below pic.

  • Select the correct Port and click Ok.  This will begin running the installer.  

The installer should automatically detect you are running Mac OS, locate your TA directory, backup the original TotalA.exe so you can play the original, and install all the necessary files for TA Escalation.  Once it is done, launch the game, set your screen resolution, and enjoy.  For other tips and tricks for Mac TA install see my Tips and Tricks page.

How to install TA Escalation with Porting Kit 4.0