Total Annihilation

Welcome to my site.

This site currently is the home of some Total Annihilation mods, tips, and other useful info.

When installing it is always best to start with a clean install of Total Annihilation (TA).  It is recommended that you use the GoG installer of TA.  You can find that here.

For Windows, install TA as normal.  Do not install TA into Program Files(x86) as this path will cause problems.  If you are a Mac user, install Porting Kit, which you can find at You can then install Total Annihilation via the pre-configured Total Annihilation wrapper.  For more detailed info see my Mac Install Guide.

Once you have installed TA you can then run any of my mod installers.  It should auto detect where your TA was installed and add all the necessary components for the mod including the TA Demo Recorder.  The installer works on Windows 7, Windows 10, and Mac via Porting Kit.  It will also make a backup of the original TA which will be called TotalAOrig.exe.  TA mod installers have not been tested in Wine on Linux.  YMMV.

If you need any further help you can find me on the TAE Discord.